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Ember.js Ace Editor Component

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Warning: This was created with older versions of Ember.js and is likely no longer relevant. Please tread lightly when referencing this article.

A few weeks ago there was a need to interface directly with raw json from the server. I immediately jumped on the chance to make an Ace Editor component for Ember.js. I have been wanting to work with Ace for a while now and as expeted, getting setup with it was smooth much like integrating it with an Ember.Component.

Ember.js Ace Editor Component

The Component

Similar to the Summernote Wysiwyg Ember.js Component I discussed earlier in the week this component wraps a simple <pre> tag and transforms it into an Ace Editor. The data is fully bound which makes previews just work.

For my simple example I did not use data from an Ember.Model but I did in the actual application I originally created. It is possible to take this simple example and run with it, using model data to back the content.

Most of what happens in didInsertElement is setup for the Ace Editor. The important line that works the binding magic is the editor’s on('change'... event. Inside of this event is where the content is notified that it has changed.

The content attribute of the component is setup to get/set the content of the editor. There is a check in the beginning to ensure the editor has been initialized. If it hasn’t yet, content data is stored in preset and used in didInsertElement after initialization.

The Controller

Most of the logic in the Controller would be in the Ember.Model if using a model library to back the editor. In the controller, rawData is setup to return the string value of data, prettified for the editor.

The key is to ensure that data is only set when a proper JSON object is passed in as the val.

Ember.js Ace Editor Component

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