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Ember.js Wysiwyg Component with Summernote

Friday April 18, 2014

Warning: This was created with older versions of Ember.js and is likely no longer relevant. Please tread lightly when referencing this article.

Users love wysiwyg editors. Summernote has been my favorite to work with as a developer yet. Getting it hooked up as an Ember component was simple and fun, and the end result was rather nice.

Ember Wysiwyg Component

The Component

All this does is wrap the basic Ember.TextArea. This example is rather bare to keep things simple but depending on the use-case the component and its logic could expand quite a bit. For example, when hooking up ‘Insert Image’ functionality.

I normally prefer to steer clear of using jQuery libraries in Ember. They cause a lot of overhead, don’t often play nice, and can generally be acheived in a few lines of code with Ember itself. However, a Wysiwyg editor is a bit of a beefy task.

I tried to keep the events on the component itself rather than using the provided Summernote callback methods. Summernote did not provide a way to watch changes initiated within the toolbar, but I was able to acheive this with the click event on the component.

The btnSize and height are bound attributes so that they can be passed in on component creation. Summernote populates a new element with the content so the udpating of preview has to be done a bit by hand as can be seen in the keyUp and click events.

Ember Wysiwyg Component

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