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Ember.js Color Picker - Spectrum.js, HEX and RGB

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Warning: This was created with older versions of Ember.js and is likely no longer relevant. Please tread lightly when referencing this article.

I realized this week I have ‘officially’ been paid to make Ember.js apps for 13 months now. That is a long time considering the infancy of Ember.js. One of the first things I did that was fun and exciting was making a color picker, using Spectrum, that kept the hex, rgb, and color-picker in sync.

The Template

Inside of the component template there is a div to represent the color picker with the style attribute bound. This is so that the background-color can be changed when the color changes.

There is also the hex input with the value bound to the hex representation of the color. Similar for the rgb inputs, except each one is bound to a different computed property for each r, g, b.

Ember Starter Kit

The Component

In the didInsertElement the spectrum element is initialized. Since I am using a custom picker element I don’t want the input or the button that Spectrum.js normally displays. This is turned off with the showInput and showButtons options.

The important part is the change option, a function that will be called every time the color is changed from within spectrum.

There are other events that could be used in place of change, such as move if you wanted to change the background as the user was moving inside the picker.

When any of the rgb inputs is changed, the color has to be updated. This is where the watchRgb observer comes in. The new hex value is calculated from the changed rgb values and color is updated.

Since color is being stored as the string html hex representation nothing too complicated happens inside the hexValue computed property but it does give a good example of how to do a computed property with both a set and get.

Ember Starter Kit

Final Product

Ember Starter Kit

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