Pods in Ember

21 Jan 2020

Once upon a time (2016), we heard that pods and classical structured Ember projects would form a new union and there would no longer be a divide1. Unfortunately, since then, nothing has changed and the divide continues.

So if you’re starting a new Ember app and are ready to try (or already using) pods structure, then here is a quick how to.

New project

I wish there was a way to ember new --pods {my-project} or something, so all this was automagically done for you, but there isn’t yet, so we have to procede manually.

ember new --no-welcome --yarn {my-project}

This will till the land and lay the foundation.


There are two files that need to be updated to initialize pods in the build process: .ember-cli and config/environment.js

Delete everything

When you start a new ember project, it likes to make out all the classical structure for you with some nice .gitkeep files that force git to track empty folders (which otherwise it wouldn’t). Delete all the stuff we don’t need.

rm -rf app/components app/controllers app/routes app/templates

Make room for pods

Create a folder for your pods.

mkdir app/pods

Get that party started

Now you’re free to do what you will with this project in pod land.

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